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A comprehensive handbook of Ningxia Wine of China, which recently become the best wine region of China. We provide all information related with this region, include introduction, wineries, wine tour, news and event, etc.

About Ningxia

Located in a “golden zone” for vineyards, the east foothill of Helan Mountain in Ningxia  has all the natural conditions needed for premier cultivation including the correct sunlight and temperature range, pollution-free soil, decent rainfall and irrigation. The environment produces aromatic grapes with high sugar levels and moderate acidity. Wines produced at the east foothill of Helan Mountain got the title of Geographical Indications Products given by the Committee of national geography indication in 2003. In 2013, East Foothill of Helan Moutain Wine Region was listed in The World Atlas of Wine

View of Helan Mountain 

View of Helan Mountain 

The east foothill of Helan Mountain infers the vine grape-planting area lies at the east foot of Helan Mountain. It lies at 105°45'-106°27'E 37°43'-39°05'N, which is known as the “golden zone” for vineyards.

The east foothill of Helan Mountain has all the natural conditions needed for a premium viticultural area. Here we have sufficient sunlight, convenient irrigation, soil with good permeability, and proper temperature range, which all do contribution to the viticultural area being a supreme one.


Futhermore, the support from the government is also the strength to enhance the grape industry. In the late 1990s, the Ningxia agricultural authority began investing time, effort and capital in thousands of hectares of land long deemed inhospital to crops. By now, People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has made the vine and wine industry a priority in its strategic planning. 

Currently, vine and wine industry is developing rapidly at the east foothill of Helan Mountain. This area is home to more than 0.5 million mu (about 0.33 billion m2) of vineyards, more than fifty chateaus, for instance, Lanny, He Lan Qing Xue, Zhi Hui Yuan Shi and so on, some of which have made wine of high quality and have won awards in national and international contests. The wonderful viticultural area has also attracted international conglomerate such as Pernod Ricard and Hennessy.

The east foothill of Helan Mountain can be separated into five sub-areas, namely, Yinchuan, Qingtongxia, Hongsipu, Shizuishan, agriculture and reclamation system. The terrior of each area is different, thus the varieties planted in each area can be different.

The east foothill of Helan Mountain is the only wine-producing region in China that uses the chateau classification system from France to manage local chateaus. It is for sure that with the marvelous natural condition, the strong will of local people, and the scientific management of local government, this area will always be on its road to be one of the world’s most famous wine- producing areas.


Source: Ningxia Wine Bureau