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A comprehensive handbook of Ningxia Wine of China, which recently become the best wine region of China. We provide all information related with this region, include introduction, wineries, wine tour, news and event, etc.

Winery Tour

Ningxia has more than 100 wineries registered, only few of them are opened to public for visiting. Some of them offer a guided tour, some of them offer meals and accommodation on a reservation based service. The current accommodations provided by wineries are quite basic, but after enjoying a nice meal with wine, to stay in the winery for a night actually is quite a good option. 

We also will provide some visitor's comments on each winery, you will have better view which to visit. In addition, we offer professional tailor designed wine tour, to visit wineries with professionals, might be a English speaking wine maker or viticulturist of the region based on reservation.


Enjoy a one or two days winery tour with Ningxia wine industry locals, it will guarantee a pleasant and unique experience of such a wonderful region.